Winter Math Games

Making learning essential early number skills fun and engaging with our snowman themed counting game. Students will learn basic early addition as they combine numbers to build a set of ten (or six).

We love nothing more than making gorgeous math activities that your students want to play over and over again! This new one is FREE for you today! Grab Snowman Makes Ten in our store over at TpT!

Winter Math Game Free

In this printable game, students will need to add 'snowballs' (cotton balls) to their game board as they roll numbers on a standard six sided die.

The aim is to get exactly ten snowballs and record (on the provided worksheet) the combination of numbers that made ten! This game will provide students with the opportunity to explore numbers that will combine to form ten.

I've also added a Snowman Makes Six version for your emergent learners.

Printable Winter Fun Math Games

'Winter Fun" - is another packet of 5 print and play games in my TpT store. These printable card games are ideal for a small group or to use in math tubs and centers. Children will delight in exploring aspects of counting and numeral identification with these games.

Included in this bundle of Winter Math Games, is:
  • Winter Bingo
This will help students learn to identify numerals, number words and dot patterns for 0-10.
  • Winter Count
This will help students count-on from a numeral to find the total of a numeral and dot patterns.
  • Winter Write the Room
This activity will help students count objects and write numerals to ten.
  • Winter Walk
This game will help students create and sort data. They will interpret the data by finding the totals.
  • Snowman Match
This game will help students learn to match sums to totals. They will add numbers in this game

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