Butterfly Roll & Color Freebie + Resource Updates

I have a fun roll and color freebie for you today - perfect for subitizing and early number skills!

Find this fun Butterfly Roll and Color in Google Drive HERE

I always like my kiddos to shade the number key in the matching colours before they commence the game as a little introduction to the lesson. In this activity, students will be getting lots of practice 'subitizing' as they roll and check their dice, key and the numbered picture. They will be correlating the dot pattern, numeral and value of each roll as they check back and forth on each turn. 

Each time they roll, look, think and check, they are reinforcing this connection between pattern, quantity and numeral. We want our students to practice that as many times as possible, so it become automatic. Some students require a LOT more practice with this than others. 

{There is an Elf Themed Roll and Color on a previous post HERE}

I've recently revised my Butterfly Bingo packet and included a few additional games to play, so students can get additional practice with numbers to ten. 

Butterfly Flutter will help them identify all numerals 0-10. 

As will Butterfly Bingo!

Butterfly Roll will have them thinking about number order.

And Butterfly Clip Cards will get them counting out a set of objects to match each numeral. 

If you have purchased this license for your classroom, head over to TpT to re-download the newly revised printables! 

Have a lovely day friends!

- Mel x