Rabbit or Ribbit?

My daughter has had a great time in her final weeks of preschool before her Autumn holidays (2 week break here in Australia).

We have 4 school "terms" of around 10 weeks each - with 2 weeks "holiday" or break between each of the first 3 terms and a 5 week holiday in December. This term break always seems to coincide with Easter. I do remember a few years back, we got Easter break, and a 2 week holiday a few weeks later - it was lovely!

We raided our bookshelves and got all the Easter themed books off to keep in her bedroom for the next week or so. I like to read her at least 3-4 books each day and it is always nice to have something topical to read about. She is doing lots of lovely drawings and made her own little book at preschool today, called "Little Bunny Emily" after reading "Little Bunny Foo Foo" last night (what an interesting little book by the way, I had not read about Foo Foo before, and not quite sure what to make of it!). She clearly liked it :) I also printed off some egg symmetry worksheets that I purchased with my TpT reward points - she LOVED them - take a look at how well she did! You can find these worksheets by Loreen Leedy at TpT HERE

Two of the stories we read this week are "The Easter Ribbit" by Bernice Chardiet - about a frog that wants to be an Easter Rabbit!

Also, Ribbit Rabbit, which although not about Easter, could not be missed for obvious reasons!

I was quickly inspired to create a craftivity and glyph for when I teach these books in the classroom. What could be cuter than combining a bunny with a frog? How could I resist?

You can find it by clicking HERE