Rabbit or Ribbit?

Are you reading some books for spring or Easter that have rabbits and frogs as characters? We have a few on our home library shelf and today I made a word sort and craft that can be used to accompany a shared reading of them - or independently as a stand alone word-work activity.
word family sort craft

Two books I have recently read to my daughter here at home are:
  • The Easter Ribbit by Bernice Chardiet, and
  • Ribbit Rabbit by Candice Ryan

bunny rabbit frog books
While reading Ribbit, Rabbit encourage your students to notice the short-a and short-i words on each page. Jot them down as you read - on 2 charts or mini whiteboards. After reading you can highlight the short vowels and ask your students to read them with you. Did they notice that frog liked short i words and bunny seemed to prefer short a words? Ask your students to tell you some more and record them on a class chart or board.
ip ap word families
We have a practical cut-and-paste craft over in our TpT store to encourage your students to distinguish between the ip and ap word families. They are mostly cvc words with a few blends included for extension. Your little ones can read the words, sort them and glue them on their page before topping it with Ribbit and Rabbit! 

All the pieces are easy-cut for early scissor skills! 

craft word sort frog and rabbit