Paws and Puppies

Sunday 20th May is Million Paws Walk in NSW. My daughter and I made this cute little puppy from foam cups this morning, after being inspired by both the Paws Walk advertising and Pintrest! How cute is that! It was super easy too - just two foam cups, googly eyes and a pom pom. I drew shapes onto thin card for all the pieces.

We also made a 'Triangle Puppy' picture. I have a little art group, with preschoolers at my local church - and this will help us to think about the Million Paws Walk and dogs and animals in need.

My daughter LOVES doing paper craft like this, she enjoys thinking about which way and order to arrange all the layers - great workout for her developing mind! It is also good to help learn about triangles in different orientations. It is very easy to make, just use triangles and rectangles of paper. You could tear the pieces, and use sticky dots to make a spotty dog!

If you would like the template pieces, find them HERE

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