5 Frame Games

My new Math Activity Pack includes 5 games/activities for learning with five frames. The first step in getting students to get the full benefit of working with five and ten frames is having them being able to instantly recognize the numbers represented on them. 

The games in this packet all focus on just that! I wanted to make a sometimes-very-dry topic super motivating, so I designed some fun ways for students to work with a five frame. The first is Gator Match. In this activity, students will find 5 frames (shaped like an alligator) that match in value. 

In 5 Frame Caterpillars, they will match each caterpillar to a numeral. 

5 Street will have your students identifying and re-creating five frame arrangements on a street of houses! 

Five Frame Buses will encourage your students to identify five frame pattern arrangements that are exactly the same. Each time they see a card, and determine if it is a match, they are getting practice in five frame identification. They won't even know they are doing hard work! 

Happy Frames is like a bingo game, but has the added step of getting students to re-create the patterns by pacing counters over the five frame patterns to check them off their card. 

When I preped these activities, I put them in clear plastic document wallets with the cover page at the front. I am reminded at a glance what my activities entail and can get organized quickly. 

This is the fourth unit in my series of activity bundles especially designed to boost your teaching program. Fit them in with whatever program you use at any time of year!



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