Desk Class List - #onmyteacherdesk

I have a very simple idea to share with you today. It is for your teacher desk. Clearly, this is not a photo of my real teacher desk. And I do not have 12 students named "Student Name". That is just from my imagination. And my home office desk. One and the same, I guess you could say.  

I find it very helpful to have a little list of student names stuck onto the corner of my desk. This one looks all pretty - more often than not I have just used a boring plain old typed one from the default office list. But this is my imagination and I can get all cute.

I can have 5 zillion copies of class lists and pretty pages typed up in grids and checklists and folders, but you can bet your bottom dollar when I need to see a list of names - and check correct spellings - because my brain has snapped - or something-or-other - I can't find them. And quite possibly, it may also save me from standing up and walking over to a shelf to find one of those lists, when I just can't move my feet after an hour on yard duty. I can just peep at the list on my desk.

And it helps substitute teachers - very much. 

So, making a quick little list on the very corner of my desk, and sticking it down with tape, saves all sorts of hullabaloo.

If you would like to make a fancy one like this one, you can download my printable for free from Google Drive HERE

If you have a great idea from your teaching desk, please share it with the hashtag #onmyteacherdesk, I would love to see it! 

Have a great day my friends!