Owl Paper Folding Craft

I love teaching paper craft techniques to my students. 

One is folding. I have done this with students as young as kindergarten, and they always love it. With kinder, I would suggest doing this in a small grouping arrangement, so you can give individual assistance to some students. 

Here are some instructions to make a paper folded owl. 

1. Start with a square piece of paper. 

2. Fold it in half.

3. Bring each corner down to the bottom point.

4. I have drawn lines here to show you where you need to fold next - sometimes I quickly add these for young students so they can see where to fold...

5. Bring each corner up and over the side (to create the ears of the owl). Fold the top down to create a flat head.

6. Fold the bottom up on the base of the head to create a chin. 

7. Add a quick piece of tape on the back to hold all the pieces down. 

8. Flip it over to reveal your owl head!

9. For the body, start with a new piece of square paper. 

10. Fold in half. 

11. Bring each corner down to the bottom once again.

12. Take each corner and taper it out to the side slightly, to create arms. 

13. Flip it over and fold the bottom corner up, creating a flat body line at the base.

14. Flip it over again. Attach the head. Cut some eyes and a beak from scraps. Draw some detail in the eye. 

And there you have it! These look fantastic lined up on a big branch for a classroom display!

Another paper craft technique I like to nurture is cutting. Paper craft templates help students develop cutting, gluing and arranging techniques. When used as part of an overall visual arts program, template crafts can be very effective for student creative development. 

Yesterday, I added a new packet to my growing bundle. Meet Mr Bear! I created him from one of my hand drawn scrappy bears. 

If you have the bundle, you can download this new addition by simply going to your 'My Purchases' tab. 


Have a wonderful weekend!