Friday, 18 September 2015

Five for Friday - 18th September

Friday comes around so fast! Let's celebrate with some Five for Friday randomness.

1. I added this funny little apple man to my worksheets wonder pack through the week. If you have my packet, be sure to grab the new additions! 

2. Hello spring! My sweet girl planted daffodil bulbs a few months ago and has been diligently watering and waiting for them every day since. She was tickled pink to see this bloom on Monday morning!

3. Reward AND count! I added a new file to my Stick Kid Cuties bundle. This bundle includes classroom basics with a stick-kid theme. This new addition will help you make sticker reward books for each of your students. As they are rewarded with stickers in class, they can add them to their book and fill ten frames until they reach 100! It is also listed individually in my store and is 50% off for today. 

4. I shared these cute domino dogs on my Instagram this week - perfect for subtilising and number activities in your mathematics program. 

5. Monopoly. It is not just gardening that has my sweet girl mesmerised at present... she is managing to convince us daily that we need to play Monopoly. I have to admit, I am enjoying the blast from the past. And it's nice to get away from the screen.

I hope your week has been as busy and fulfilling as mine! Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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ithappenedin3rd said...

There are worse things to be hooked on than Monopoly! I always loved playing when I was a kid.

ES said...

Those domino dogs are too cute!

My Bright Blue House

Teaching Autism said...

Monopoly is great! Except for those odd times when the game seems to go on FOREVER! Glad your little girl is enjoying playing board games with you though - there's definitely worse things she could be into! Also loving your domino dogs - omg they are so cute!!

Teaching Autism

Jennifer Jones said...
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Jennifer Jones said...

My 7 year old son is also really into playing Monopoly! It is fun overall. My 5 year old enjoys it too. Now playing with my 2 year old...well that's a whole other story! She just wants to destroy everything and play with the little houses. Ha! Glad you are enjoying the screen time getaway. ;)

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JanCT said...

We played Monopoly with the kids a while ago and it was so much fun. I think we may need to pull the game out again. Spring is a great time of year. Here in the US fall has just started. I love fall, but it means that soon winter is coming again to the Northeast! Ugh! I'm hoping it isn't as bad as last year! Have a great weekend.
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Adventures of a Techie Bookworm said...

That apple man is too adorable!