Addition Activity: House Count

My newest write'n'wipe resource is for addition, and will help introduce adding 3 numbers to your students! 

Students can use a dry-erase marker to find and record the answer on each card - alternatively, you could use clothes-pins (pegs in Australia) to clip the answer.

Your students can also record the problem and answer on a recording sheet (optional). 

I have had several email enquiries this week, about the availability of my resources, and they have prompted me to write a few little reminders about my store, in a blog post here. For those of you that are consistent followers of my blog, you may not need this information, but if you are just finding my blog this might help you! 

I have a website that I created in 2008 and was launched in 2009. It looks a LOT different now however. I recently streamlined it, and removed the e-commerce section where you could purchase from me. 

I had started making digital teaching resources in 2005 (selling on eBay). I had always dreamed of authoring 'teacher resource books' but decided that to self-publish was much more efficient and serviced the needs of busy teachers in a way that was not commonly practised at the time. 

I spent a lot of money getting my website developed and it was a dream come true. Shortly after, I found TpT and I entered a whole new world! TpT was very new at the time, but I knew right away it was going to be successful - an eBay for teachers of sorts. I had sent eBay several emails in the lead up to me deciding to start my own site, pleading with them to have a section dedicated to teachers. My emails were never acknowledged or returned.  #missedoutthere eBay ;)

TpT is a website called Teachers Pay Teachers. There is more than just 'paying' happening though. 

There is a WHOLE LOT of sharing and a WHOLE LOT of collaborating - on the site and in the online communities that develop and blossom from it. 

TpT was started by a teacher called Paul Edelman and in the early days of the site we would regularly chat to Paul in the seller's forum of his site. We knew him, we trusted him, we embraced, supported and joined his vision. 

All my printables and downloads are available exclusively on TpT now. I no longer sell on eBay or my own site. Why? Mostly the reason centres around me being a teacher. I still teach (part time this year) in the classroom. I juggle many things. Constantly. I would love to have my resources available on multiple sites, but as a dedicated mother and teacher, I have found the best way to deliver my resources to a high standard, is in one single location. 

There are sellers that can juggle multiple locations, some are not teaching, or may never have taught at all - from a sales or graphics background. I am a teacher. If you are a teacher, you will completely understand I am sure.

I trust TpT. I have been there since 2010 and saw it develop from something run by Paul himself, to what it is today. My downloads are protected on the site, and they are safe for my buyers to download. I take this very seriously. I want my followers to be secure in the knowledge that what they are storing on their computer is not compromised in any way. 

All purchases on TpT earn you credit points and are stored in a catalogue inside your dashboard for future access. This is invaluable and offered to all TpT members for free. 

TpT have the best people in the world working for them now, and they concentrate on making the site the best it possibly can be for my followers. I can relax and focus on my teaching and my authoring, and leave the tricky website stuff to the experts! 

I have had emails from several of my long term Australian followers about buying on TpT with the Australian dollar so low. They miss my website and my Australian dollar prices. Prices on TpT are in US dollars and when converting, you may play slightly more for your purchases. 

Firstly, I did adjust my pricing guide when I joined the TpT site. Prices fell from $5.95 to $3.00 because it was more inline with the US market and I no longer had to come up with 12K a year to maintain a safe, ad-free high functioning website of my own. 

However, if you are still concerned about this, please make sure you FOLLOW me on the TpT site.  Followers receive an email each day from TpT with news of 'new listings' from the sellers they follow. Check these emails each morning. 

All of my newly listed items are discounted - usually by 50% - for the first 24 hours. 

This means that you can make up for the currency conversion, and then some, with this special price. 

It is the only time I will reduce my prices. Buyer satisfaction is very important to me, and I want to give everybody an equal opportunity to access a saving. I do take part in the site-wide TpT sales held several times through the year as well. 

When you receive the email from TpT it will display all the newly listed items from the sellers you follow. The 'reduced price' will not be on display however. 

For example, the newly listed game I have in my store, shown above in this post, will come through on the email as $3.00 - even though I have it on sale for $1.50. You need to click on the item, go through to my store and check the price. 

This is just one way my Australian buyers can offset the currency conversion. I also encourage you to buy in bundles, where my prices are up to 75% off and save your TpT credit points. 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today, please never hesitate to contact me in regard to my resources or any aspect of my TpT strore.