Cup Animals for World Turtle Day!

I just had to stay up late tonight to blog about our latest creations! Tomorrow is World Turtle Day (23rd May). The aim of the day is to promote respect for turtles (and tortoises) globally, and to encourage humans to behave in a way that helps these special creatures survive and thrive.

I wanted to get a craft ready to do with my daughter - she loves animals and I am anticipating that it will be 'all things turtle' for the next week or so after I tell her about World Turtle Day.

So it started with a turtle - and you can see how it turned out. Clearly you may be starting to guess that I don't do things by halves... he he he.

These 'Cup Animals' are so simple and so effective. I have included a colour set and a black/white set in the file, so that your little ones can paint or colour.

Start with empty clean foam cups. Paint them - I used student acrylics. It gave the cups a little bit of a glossy finish.

Cut out the pieces from the templates provided - colour if necessary. Cut small slits in the top and sides of your cup to allow your pieces to slide in. Too easy - no glue, no mess!

We have provided templates for little 'writing cards' that you can stand up next to your Cup Animal. Students could write a story about their new creation or list some facts about the animal.

The only hard part is trying to figure out which one is my favourite. Look out for a second set, I am already planning.....

Click HERE to find them in our TeachersPayTeachers store.

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