Measurement Lesson with Popcorn

Measurement with popcorn

My latest resource file is called 'Pop Measure'. It combines two fun things - popcorn and using the equal arm balance. Did you love using a pan balance when you were at school? I did. And we only got to use it once or twice a year. I understand now as a teacher, that this must have been when 'measurement' came up in the text book!

I purchased an equal arm balance for my home, so that my children could have unlimited use and play with one. Why wait for a turn at school?

The benefit for me got me to thinking....... And 'Pop Measure' was born!

First I asked my daughter to take a handful or corn kernels and count them. Well, to make it easier, we grouped them into little piles of ten on this popcorn-themed counting mat. We then found the total.

The we counted out the same number of kernels for the other side. We found that they do not weigh the same! Must be the different size and shape of each kernel we hypothesised! We then added more kernels to one side, so the two bowls weighed the same.

We then did the best bit - popped one side of the kernels, put them back on the balance - and found that the weight was again, different!

I explained to my daughter that is was because each kernel contained water that vaporised when it popped - hence the lighter weight.

We then tried to find as many little object sets that we could, and found our how many of each it took to balance out with the kernels. We were surprised - only 4 cubes for 82 kernels!

Here is the little book that I have included in the file for your students. My daughter is too young, she just enjoyed the "experiment" part. They would be perfect however for Kinder-Grade 2. On each page the students would draw and write their predictions and observations....

In the classroom, you could do this "lesson" over a few days or a week, rather than all in one session. Click HERE to find it!