Thank You 1000!

We were so very excited this morning, to notice that the number of followers in our Graphics From the Pond store, has jumped over 1000. Last time we looked it was around 700, which we thought was remarkable.

I am speechless - although I should have trusted that the wonderful teaching community would be so supportive!
I started the graphics store as I was giving away some free graphics through our main TpT store, and they started to 'clutter up' the store a little. I thought it would just be a good way to organise things, I never expected that it would begin to get more visits than our resources store.

I am especially appreciative of all the lovely bloggers that have helped to spread the word, with kind shout-outs and notes of appreciation. I do enjoy seeing our graphics as I browse the collection on TpT, and my husband laughs as I scroll through Pintrest and yelp out in excitement as I see so many thumbnails that feature our graphics. It is pure joy that I have been able to help so many people to put their creative works into the world teaching arena for the education of our children.

It really proves to me, what I have always believed - that if you do what you love, put your head down, work hard, been open, generous and find joy in the success of others - good things will find you. It also proves that life is full of surprises, and whilst you think you are heading in one direction, the journey that you end up taking can be the one you never planned and least expected.