Red Writing Hood

Look out, that's all I can say! I have recently downloaded John Mayer's new album from itunes! I have found that listening to John whilst I am designing and creating is almost essential for me now. I am so excited to have some new music in the background (although I love all his stuff), and it will no doubt assist with some new product development! I am not sure what it is about the music that assists me, but I love it. I can only describe it as 'syncing' in very well with my creative mind.... as is a little bowl of chocolate and perhaps a hot cup of tea (it was red wine, but alcohol been off the table for the last year or so).

I have been working for a while on 'people' graphics. People are hard to get right! I think I am getting there, and in the process came up with some characters from Red Riding Hood. I created a file of character webs, which you may like to look at on TpT or my website.

And these FREE writing pages. I was motivated by one of my earliest and most popular posts - Big Bad Wolf writing pages. The file contains worksheets in NSW Foundation Script as well as a standard font, for my Australian friends :)

This Red Riding Hood set has the same range of worksheets (as the Big Bad Wolf Set) to help cater for a range of learning abilities in your classroom. Check it out at TpT and download it for free.

And while I am talking about Fairytales and FREE stuff you HAVE To check out the FREE graphics posted by Lita Lita at TpT They are called 'Once Upon A Time Clipart' and they are adorable. I can't wait to use them.

I hope you like my Red Writing Riding Hood resources!

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