How to teach phonics and word attack!

Quite a few people have asked me over my time, how I teach phonics, sounds, work attack, spelling etc As many teachers know, this is a complicated question, and often different for every student. I have devised a sequence of difficulty (and often and order for explicit teaching) of the groups, or stages of teaching in these areas. Often I notice that my students are accessing the different difficulty levels at the same time, especially clever students who are naturally good at reading and writing activities.

It gives me a good guide for explicit teaching, and I mostly go through the difficulty levels from top to bottom. At times, my teaching program may need to jump around the levels to cater for different abilities. When I teach Jolly Phonics in my classroom, I am accessing quite a few of the levels at the same time.

I also tend to organise my resources in this levelled way, and create them for From the Pond in this way. My Sound Set resource, for example, has a game for each of the first levels. I am currently revising the graphics for these games and hope to add more games for some of the levels not covered.

I have made my very boring typed notes, into a visual representation - I hope you may be able to use it, or perhaps give the link to a new teacher that is wondering how do I teach phonics

Click on the image below to download from google docs


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