A Simple Snail to Draw for Writing

snail drawing

Drawing Fun Snails with Crayons

Snails, with their beautiful shells and slow-paced nature, can be a delightful subject for drawing. And what better way to capture their charm than with colorful crayons?

Help your children have a fun drawing session where they’ll practice a round circle shape and a curved (capital C) to integrate some early-handwriting skills too!

Materials needed:


  • Start by drawing 3 round ovals for the snail's shell (see photo below).
  • Draw a curved letter C shape for the snail's body and add some details like the eyes and the mouth.
  • Use different colors of crayons to fill in the shell and the body.
  • Add some details to the background, such as grass, flowers, or rocks.

steps to draw a simple snail

They look beautiful on display as art projects or they can be completed as part of your fine motor or writing program. Included in my printable pack are pages to review essential lines for handwriting letters and to support writing a simple sentence or two along with clear big steps to draw. 

snail drawing project

snail art project


  • Use a variety of colors to make your snails look more vibrant.
  • Experiment with different techniques, such as blending colors or using different pressures to create different effects.
  • Draw some snail trails too - long horizontal lines across the page - perfect for prewriting practice too!
handwriting practice

At a writing or drawing center the snails can help facilitate important language and communication skills too.

  • Organize a gallery where the drawings can be displayed close to where students draw and write.
  • Encourage them to use their drawings, additional photos and word banks as a tool for group discussions and brainstorming sessions.
  • Encourage students to explain their drawings to each other, fostering communication and collaboration. It can be as simple as having them point to their work and describe the colors they've chosen to use or as elaborate as telling a short story about their drawings. 
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