Counting with Frog

Here is a math warm up to get your kindergarten children counting to ten with counters. Use it to engage them before you start a mini lesson at the math table and to review and asses their counting and number sense. I've used the frog lilypad cards and dot cards (1s and 2s) from the Math Kit

counting in kindergarten

Using Counters in Math Play

Using counters or blocks is important for:

Hands-on learning: 

Using physical objects like counters allows children to engage in hands-on learning, which research has shown to be effective in early math education.

Concrete representation of numbers: 

Counters provide a concrete representation of numbers, making it easier for children to grasp abstract mathematical concepts.

Promoting number sense: 

Counting with chips helps children develop number sense, which is the ability to understand the magnitude and relationships of numbers.

math games for numbers to ten

To play Count Along the Lily pad 

  • have numbers to 10 out 
  • flip the 1s and 2s face down in a pile
  • have access to a dish of counters
As students flip a dot card they add them to one space on the 5 frame and count. By the end of the 5 frame they will have come to a total and they find teh number card to match. 

Other ways you may like. to support counting and number sense in your classroom include:
  • counting objects in the classroom
  • playing counting games, like "I Spy" or "Count to 10"
  • using counting manipulatives, like blocks or beads with play mats
  • singing counting songs
  • creating counting books or charts
I hope your students are excited for math today and this warm-up idea has you feeling supported and excited to teach. Here are some more ways I can help: