Kindergarten Drawing

Drawing in kindergarten helps you integrate practice for fine motor skills with creativity and writing! Your children will be inspired to write about their drawing or join in discussion on the topic, using essential language and communication skills. Their artwork is ideal for a classroom display too.

I have a new set of directed drawings in my store that all use a simple 3-hop movement to start. The hopping (or jumping) pattern is one they may already be familiar with from their handwriting fluency practice. This forward clockwise motion is important for learning to write letters like r, p, b, n, m and o.

drawing flowers in kindergarten

As well as drawing on the included writing papers you can use the steps in a directed art project. Here is a flower from the pack. It starts with 3 hops:

kindergarten directed drawing

draw a flower then write

spring writing in kindergarten

drawing in kindergarten

Once you've taught the directed drawing your students could use it within one of their own art project ideas:

tulip drawing in kindergarten

preschool drawing

drawing in preschool and kindergarten

This flower is just one of 15 projects included in the new pack

Directed drawing is an engaging activity that allows children plenty of opportunities to improve and succeed. It can help them build confidence in their artistic abilities and encourage them to talk and write as well!