Place Value Game for Teen Numbers

Play is a natural way for children to learn and develop, and it's a great way to teach math concepts. Manipulatives, games, and math centers help children to visualize abstract concepts and make them more concrete. Encourage your kindergarteners to use their imaginations and creativity to solve math problems through play!

Here is a game that introduces tens and ones to make teen numbers using the Happy Car cards from the Math Kit

place value games

Children will:

  • add ones to a ten (on the car play mat already) to make a teen number
  • identify the teen number on a number card
  • identify 3 teen numbers in order

To play
  • to start have number cards 11-19 in an array - this is the carpark
  • place a ten block on the car - it stays there for the duration of the game
  • tell students they will be adding ones to a ten to make a ten number - model a few to demonstrate 
  • have each child roll a 10 sided dice and add ones to the car play mat to complete a teen number
  • find and flip a number in the ‘car park’ (number cards lined up in an array) that matches
  • to win or finish the game, have 3 number cards flipped in order - e.g. 17, 18, 19
place value math warm up

tens and ones activities for kindergarten

playing games in kindergarten math

teen numbers in kindergarten math

Extend the game by encouraging your children to clear the board (empty the car park with all cards flipped).

I hope your children have lots of fun making teen numbers to practice teen numbers. 

Here are 3 more ways to use dice and place value blocks in your math play:

  • Roll and compare - children play in pairs. Both roll and model a number with blocks. Compare the numbers and talk about greater than / less than etc.
  • Roll a dice twice and have your children model the number with blocks, finding the total and trading for a ten if needed.
  • Roll and model numbers, adding to a pile until you reach 20 (or 50 or 100).
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