Addition Worksheets

Addition is important in kindergarten - it's a foundational concept that will lead to other areas of math (including subtraction, multiplication and division). Try to do some addition every day - even if it's just in your lesson warm up. 

Here are 3 fun and effective strategies to make addition fun in kindergarten:

addition worksheets

Provide Hands-On Activities:

  • Play with equipment and engage students in games before using worksheets and written math journals. 
  • Set up counting activities in your free or independent centers as well as having hands-on games in your structured math lessons and workshops. Students can add objects, such as counting 2 sets of counters or blocks.
  • If you are using a worksheet activity - provide equipment for students to use alongside their page. 

Encourage Mental Math:

  • Encourage children to practice mental math by asking simple addition problems.
  • Start with smaller numbers and gradually increase the difficulty.
  • Use this strategy in your brain breaks, warm ups, transitions and picture talks when reading books. 

Use Visuals and Images:

  • Use pictures or illustrations to represent addition problems.
  • Have children count the objects in the pictures and add them together.
  • Many of my games and activities in Math Packs and on worksheets include visuals to help support students in solving addition and developing mental strategies. 
practice addition pages

addition practice in first grade

Your positive and supportive classroom learning environment will also help to to make addition fun in kindergarten. Your children will feel comfortable exploring and learning. If you'd like more support to engage your students in math, join my newsletter community where I share tips, ideas, resource updates and new resources in store to help!