Robot Remake Math Game

Here is another game to use in math groups using any of the mats in the Play to Ten pack! Here we are using the robot cards but you can use any of the 20 different themed cards to engage and motivate your students. Students will
  • count to make a number on the robot
  • add or take away to make another number
robot with ten dots number game

How to play Robot Remake

  • place the numeral cards in a face down pile
  • players flip a card and make the number  - e.g 7
  • flip another card and then remake the set to show the new number - e.g. taking one away to make the new number 6
cute robot math game

number sense in kindergraten

Here we've flipped a number 8 card and have taken some away to make 4. 

While playing, talk with your learners about:
  • how the numbers get smaller or bigger
  • comparing numbers as numerals or sets of objects
  • how many more to make ten
robot number activity

robot addition and subtraction

I hope your students love this extra way to play! The pack of 20 math mats is over in my TPT store ready to print!