Pig Pairs Math Warm Up

making ten pig pair game

Here are the new Pig Pairs math activity cards from the Math Kit! They are ideal for reference during any math activity - where students can easily be supported to learn the addition facts that make ten - but they can also be used for interactive games too! Here is one idea:

Pig Dig

  • the pigs are digging for food and when they find a pair can eat (line up cubes as food)
  • students take turns to choose a number to 'dig'
  • for example, a student might choose the number 7 (uncovered) and say '3' before digging (sliding the cube off)
  • if correct, the cube is kept by the student until the end of the game
  • if incorrect, it is returned to cover the number again
  • challenge students to remember these number facts to ten

math activities for making ten

It is important to first implement lots of activities for students to 'make ten' with objects and pictures before they start to memorize facts as numerals. 

addition to ten in kindergarten

An extension to the activity would be for students to play several rounds, helping to provide more opportunities for them to remember the facts. Play 5 rounds. On each round, the winner could take a pig stick from the mud (playdough). 

These pigs can be made from a craft page in the Premium Coloring Club and used for language games and retelling stories in puppet play too. 

pigs on the farm activities

I hope your students are enjoying the warm ups, games and activities with resources from the Math Kit! I'd love your feedback too!