Play to Ten - with Cupcakes

Your students can discover more about numbers within 10 with the engaging play mats in our printable resource pack. With 20 different game mats and 16 play ideas - there are so many ways to play. Your students will build essential math skills and be excited to play each day!

Here is one idea for using the cupcake themed mats. Choose from the mat with white dots or colored.
counting to 10 math game

Your students will make numbers on their mat to match a roll on the dice (use a 10 sided dice), from a set of counters featuring only 2 colors.

After making their number, encourage your students to talk about 
  • what 2 numbers combine to make the total - e.g. 5 blue and 4 pink make 9
  • how many left to make 10 - e.g one more would make 10
making 10 math game

kindergarten number sense

number sense kindergarten

kindergarten number sense

After playing this math game several times, your students may be ready for making numbers to 20. Simply play with 2 cupcake mats and a 20 sided dice.