I get asked a ton of questions. Here are some common ones that might help you, before you contact me. Please don't hesitate to contact me however, if you need clarification.

I truly am a very kind and happy person! I am so sorry if some of these answers are tough to read, if you have any concerns at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to me - everything can be sorted out with honest, clear communication. 

Who are you? Are you a teacher?
My name is Mel and I qualified as a primary school teacher  and have had a permanent teaching position in NSW, Australia, since January 2001.

What is this blog? What is From the Pond?
This blog is a place for me to communicate in more detail to people who may be interested in my printable resources and clipart.

From the Pond and Graphics From the Pond are the names of the businesses I established to publish and distribute the learning materials and graphics I have created.

I have created them for 'From the Pond', not my classroom program.

Why are there no pictures of your classroom on your blog?
This blog is for 'From the Pond' - it is not a classroom blog.

I separate my life as a public servant and an 'author/illustrator' completely. I am proudly a maker of teaching and learning printables and commenced that journey as an alternative to publishing teacher resource books using traditional routes.

Are you really a teacher? Your blog seems focused on products.
Yes, very much so! I have been teaching and preparing learning programs in one form or another since I was 15 years old - it is a huge part of me. I have narrowed the focus of this blog to the parts of my life that surround From the Pond, largely out of respect and compliance with my employment guidelines, but also because the 'resourcing' of learning is one of my most treasured hobbies! I adore creating and inventing ways to make complicated concepts fun, engaging and practical.

My blog may seem 'product focused' to some, but for me, it is more reflective of my goal to present things honestly. I don't do 'soft sell' posts, I would rather just express honestly and clearly what I am currently working on or thinking about.

I would love to have a classroom blog one day soon, and look forward to sharing more specific information on specific classroom experiences.

Do you still sell on eBay and your website?
No, my publications are now available exclusively though my TpT stores.

Are you a graphic designer?
No. I have taught myself basic graphic design techniques as part of my journey with From the Pond. I did a 10 hour course at night college to get started. When I started making resources, there were no readily available commercial use clipart for download on the internet that could be used for digital downloads (pdf files). I made it my mission to turn my sketches into something I could work with on my screen. After a while, I wanted to share them with other teachers too.

I am finding it difficult to contact you
I love hearing from you and strive to do my best with communication at all times. I juggle many hats in life and although publish under a business name, do not have a team of people helping me. I don't even have one - it is just me at a desk. I promise I will never ignore your messages or emails, I may just not find them quickly. I do not have the capacity to hire assistants at this stage. Please keep trying to contact me, or use this form - and I will do my absolute best to get to it!

What are the rules for using your clipart?
You can find my terms of use here. If you have any other questions, please contact me.

Can I use your clipart on T. Shirts, in books or coffee mugs?
No, you cannot. My clipart may be used in secured teaching resource documents. I define a document as a file (e.g. pdf) that has pages of information and teaching content.

Some dotted lines in the file I have purchased from you are not printing - what is wrong?
I would highly advise following the procedures in this tutorial to print any file you download from TpT:

I purchased a file from you, if I own it, why can't I share it with my colleagues?
Actually you don't own it. When you purchase access to one of my creations (always the property/copyright of me) - you are purchasing a license to use it. The license is your receipt or proof of download from TpT. I am happy for teachers to share a paper copy of a worksheet or two with their colleague next door, that is common practice - but re-distributing copyrighted material via email, Facebook group, weekly or blog is illegal. If you would like to dabble in the distribution of resources, I highly recommend starting the journey yourself with your own unique work - it is a very rewarding experience.

I love your drawings, can you make me a picture for my logo?
No I cannot. Currently I do not have time in my schedule for custom work, however it will be something I consider in the future.

Can I use one of your clipart images to create a logo?
Only with clipart that is included in my EASY TERMS. Please contact me if unsure.

Can I use one of your clipart images in a book I want to publish?

Can I use one of your clipart images in a set of Jamberry nail wraps to sell?

Can I use one of your fonts on my website/blog/logo/meme?
Yes. No credit needed. You must have purchased/downloaded the font/license yourself through TpT.

Can I use one of your fonts on a product to sell (not digital document)?
Please contact me for a license.

Can I use one of your clipart images in my TpT document file that I will sell or make free for others to download?
Yes, provided you have downloaded them yourself from my TpT clipart store (that process is how you prove you have a license) AND you adhere to these Terms of Use

I don't think my product meets your ToU, can you help me?
I can try. For efficiency, please be sure to read my Terms of Use and tell me which section you are concerned about. It is much faster than me sending multiple email replies trying to guess what your product is all about.

My school has a google drive and I want to store all my resource purchases from you on it, so other teachers can use them - is this OK?
No. Resources are for one user only and cannot be redistributed.

I can't seem to find the item you just shared on Instagram - where is it?
It is quite likely that if I shared it on Instagram, it is a new product. Simply search my store by 'Most Recently Listed' and you should find it.