Ladybug Art

For the Tuesday Art Linky today, I am sharing with you a very easy Ladybug paper-arranging artwork. This idea would also look very effective with torn paper.

We started with a square of blue paper and 2 green squares that were equal in size to the blue. We also had 2 red paper circles, glue, goggly eyes and a black crayon.

We cut the green square into strips - in random, rough strips. Then we cut the circles in half. This gives  you an ideal opportunity to practice folding a circle in half. 

We then attached the green strips to the blue square paper by gluing them down in a random arrangement. Then the red half-circles were placed on top of the green strips. 

We used googly eyes, but you could also use white sticker circles. Let your students draw the detail of the ladybugs in their own creative style!

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