Free Math Center - Bear's Bingo!

Bear's Bingo - A fun printable math center activity (or small group game) is perfect for consolidating numbers to 20 and is FREE in my TpT store!

Your kiddos can explore numerals, number words, and ten frame pictures for numbers 10-20 in this activity.

It includes 6 different game boards and 3 sets of 'caller cards'. This allows for lots of differentiation. 

Play one version by matching numeral to numeral. 

Extend by challenging students to play by matching numerals to ten frame pictures!

And also by matching numbers to number words.  

You could use these options to allow for differentiation in your groupings and cater for a range of abilities and needs in your small groups.

It also includes a printable follow-up worksheet.

A printable 'cover page' to label your organisational pouches, folders or tubs with the game details is also in the file.

Students love bingo! This fun game will help make the  sometimes-boring work of numeral identification - motivating. I also have a pack that includes 33 of this style game! With these activities,  you can set up a predictable routine for students as they work through learning all their numbers to 30. Teach them the procedure once and you are set for the year! 

My bingo boards only have 4 numbers to 'play' on each board. This will allow for a fast-paced game and encourage sharp attention. I encourage you to ask students to 'swap' boards after each completed round and have them play 3 or 4 rounds in each session. This can provide for much more effective learning that one long drawn-out activity where students can easily lose focus and motivation. What is that saying? A quick game is a good game?! It also provides an opportunity for a few students to experience 'winning'. 

Head over to TpT to find the freebie - perfect for this time of year. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today friends, have a lovey weekend! 

- Mel x