Stop! Before you Laminate...

I've been prepping some math games, centers and activities from our newly listed Numbers to 30 Ultimate Pack. I want to share some tips for you to consider the next time you have sit down to laminate.

Most of my 'print and play' games come with a few standard page types.

1. File Cover 
(not necessary to print, loaded with color)

2. Game cards and Mats 
(optimal use of color, easy-cut pieces where possible)

4. Game Instructions
(step by step, how to play the game in detail)

4. Recording or Follow-up Worksheet
(this gives your fast-finishing kids something to do while other groups are still working)

5. Cover Page
(quick overview of content and focus, minimal color)

Before you start to laminate - I suggest isolating these 3 pages:

1. Cover Page
2. Game Instructions
3. Worksheet

Place the worksheet behind the cover page and laminate back-to-back. This becomes your master copy. It is secured with the details of the activity and will not be lost. 

I suggest laminating the page as a whole and then cutting - but I know that some teachers prefer to cut first and then laminate. Where possible I use 'shared cutting lines' to minimise the cutting strokes you need to make when prepping the pieces. 

Always check the setting buttons on your laminator to make sure you have selected the temperature that is optimal for the thickness of your laminate.

I place 
  • game cards, 
  • instructions, 
  • multiple copies of the worksheet on paper
  • cover page / worksheet master copy
together in a clear plastic document wallet. The ones I use are called Compact Wallets - they do not have buttons, zippers or clasps and I can fit A LOT of them in my filing cabinet because they sit flush next to each other.

Having a little system like this makes your prep more streamlined and your teaching more organized and efficient. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today friends! Take care and happy laminating! 

- Mel x