Word Families

I love making learning fun and some simple carefully designed, engaging worksheets can achieve just that! 

A few years ago I shared a cat themed 'at' page for the 'at' word family, on a blog post  HERE
I had a few requests for more to cover other word families. It has been on my to-do list for a while, but is finally finished!

You can integrate these into your existing programs and use them for an eye-catching classroom display or class made book!

31 word families are included:

- ab (cab)

- ad (pad)

- ag (bag)

- am (jam)

- an (van)
- ap (cap)
- at (cat)
- ax (fax)
- ib (bib)
- id (kid)
- ig (pig)
- in (bin)
- ip (lip)
- it (kit)
- ix (six)
- ob (cob)
- od (pod)
- og (dog)
- op (top)
- ot (pot)
- ox (fix)
- ub (tub)
- ug (jug)
- ud (mud)
- um (gum)
- un (sun)
- ut (hut)
- ed (bed)
- eg (leg)
- en (hen)
- et (net) 

Download the free 'Cat - at' page HERE to try and head over to TpT to find the packet on sale today!