Word Families

I love making learning fun and some simple carefully designed, engaging worksheets can achieve just that! 

A few years ago I shared a cat themed 'at' page for the 'at' word family, on a blog post  HERE

I had a few requests for more to cover other word families. It has been on my to-do list for a while, but is finally finished!
word family quick craft

og word family activity

pig word family craft

word family crafts

You can integrate these into your existing programs and use them for an eye-catching classroom display or class made book!

31 word families are included:

  • ab (cab)
  • ad (pad)
  • ag (bag)
  • am (jam)
  • an (van)
  • ap (cap)
  • at (cat)
  • ax (fax)
  • ib (bib)
  • id (kid)
  • ig (pig)
  • in (bin)
  • ip (lip)
  • it (kit)
  • ix (six)
  • ob (cob)
  • od (pod)
  • og (dog)
  • op (top)
  • ot (pot)
  • ox (fix)
  • ub (tub)
  • ug (jug)
  • ud (mud)
  • um (gum)
  • un (sun)
  • ut (hut)
  • ed (bed)
  • eg (leg)
  • en (hen)
  • et (net)
cat word family

Over in our Pond Coloring Club craft library we share the cat page with you!