Super Awards

My little Sam had his kindergarten readiness assessment today {insert many tears - mine - how can he be almost-school-age?!}

Anyhow, he had a super fun time and we went to the shops afterwards for a little Lego prize for being so brave!

While at K. Mart we found some awesome $5 superhero capes! Hello! We love fun dress ups! Kiddos in my classes have always loved wearing a cape for a day or session as a reward for various things. I've had writing wizards, super spellers, reading chiefs and various others. 

I've made a set of awards that you can combine with these capes, or to use on their own. You can use them for 'super effort' in any area!

Find them for FREE in my TpT store HERE

You might also like to check out my blog post on having a Writing Wizard to encourage effort in writing - find it HERE

Have a wonderful day!

- Mel x

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