New Clipart

Hi friends!

I've added a bunch of new clipart store and they have just-released discounts that you do not want to miss!

1. Build Another Caterpillar will give you a stack of creative choices and add some fun to your classroom:

2. A new Edge It Bundle! This is bundle #11 and I think it might just be my new favorite. It includes sets 61-65. 

3. I have started a 'Rainbow Math Bundle' to give you a treasure trove of math manipulative clipart to coordinate with your 'Rainbow Club' sets! 

4. And if you just cant get enough rainbow - a new Rainbow Edge It Bundle! #5 includes sets 21-25 and will be sure to add 'just enough' to the edges of your next resource!

5. A much requested set is my finally-done '3D Shapies'. These will coordinate with the 2D set and be sure to get your kiddos happy about geometry!

6. For the scrappy-at-heart, there is a new label set. 

7. And some more robot cuteness!

8. A touch of scrappiness is all it takes to take a resource to the next level sometimes, and scrappy round frames are a versatile addition to your creative stockpile! 

You will love Set #6 

and #7!

Thank you so much for you all kindness and support - and for giving me a reason to stay creative and inspired!

- Mel x

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