Cake Wall Weekly Freebie

I have a new menagerie of bits and pieces on my desk wall this week, including a cake-shaped week planner to jot down cake baking ingredients serious ideas and whatnot.

Random tidbit -when I came home from hospital with my beautiful baby boy 5 years ago I was in a cake-baking frenzy. It really took over me quite completely. I baked a full cake each day and was on a mission to perfect as many recipes as possible. I think it lasted about 3 months and I am still walking off the sweet consequence. 
Strange and beautiful memory all wrapped up in one. 
I am hoping to get something baked for Sunday (Mother's Day) to enjoy with the family. 

If you would like the planner for your wall, or diary or planner - or classroom click HERE to find it in Google Dive. 

Thanks so much for stopping by - have a lovely Monday! 

- Mel x

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