5 Frogs on a Log

We had a request for a super-fast prep game for odd/even numbers to 10. Absolutely! 

To play students:
  • take turns to flip a card
  • identify the number
  • determine if it is odd/even
  • build a set of 3 odd numbers
  • start again if they get a splash card!

The built-in number track will assist students who are still learning the concept of an odd number.

Before you play, why not read Five Green and Speckled Frogs. On each page look at the number of frogs and talk about odd/even numbers. If the frogs paired-off would they all have a partner? Would someone be left out? As the number of frogs change talk about subtraction as well as the pattern emerging as we switch from odd to even.

Here is an Amazon link to the book. If you click on this we may earn a small commission from your purchases.

In the Odd Frog game packet we have also included a cute math craft. Students can make a vertical number-track frog to show an odd number of their choice. 

Over in the Coloring Club you can find a free 5 Frogs on a Log coloring page! We'd absolutely love to see some of them completed - tag us on Instagram so we can see them!

And should you need some more engaging activities to complete after reading the book, we have a few over in the store!

We do hope your little ones love learning about odd and even numbers with these ideas!