Aardvark Craft and Writing

Aardvarks are fascinating creatures with long snouts, big ears, and powerful claws. They are also very shy, so it can be hard to see them in the wild. But with this fun craft, your kindergartners can bring an aardvark to life in their own classroom!

The craft is just one of 26 projects in my Alphabet Animals One Page Craft pack! Each project is very fast to prep - using just one sheet of paper per child.

writing about aardvarks



  • Color or paint the pieces on the One Page Craft page.
  • Cut out the pieces for the aardvark's body.
  • Use the picture guide to help glue the pieces together. 
aardvark craft

learn about animals in kindergarten

Extension Activities:

alphabet crafts and writing papers

This aardvark craft is a fun and easy way for kindergartners to learn about these amazing animals. It's also a great way to develop their fine motor skills and creativity.