Pattern Block Cards

pattern block activity cards

Wooden pattern blocks are a versatile and engaging math manipulative that can be used to support a variety of math concepts with kindergarten students. With our activity cards you can encourage students to play with blocks in a math center, using each as a prompt for arranging, rotating, sliding, and flipping shapes.

pattern blocks

As they arrange their shapes to match the picture, they will be developing their understanding of :
  • spatial awareness
  • basic shapes
  • symmetry and angles
  • motion and directionality
  • symmetry and reflection
learning 2D shapes

arranging and combining 2d shapes to make pictures

2d shape pictures

As well as using activity cards to guide your lessons, provide time for them to play freely with the blocks.

This free play will help you implement:

Hands-on learning: 

Wooden pattern blocks provide a hands-on way for students to learn math concepts. This can help students who learn best by doing.

An engaging math program:

Wooden pattern blocks are a fun and engaging way to learn math. This can help keep students motivated and interested in learning math.

Flexible learning: 

Wooden pattern blocks can be used to support a variety of math concepts. This makes them a valuable resource for teachers as students can transfer learning from one area of math to another.

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