Fish Scales Subitizing Game


Fish puzzle

Subitizing is the ability to instantly recognize the number of objects in a small group without counting them one by one. It's a foundational skill that helps kindergarteners develop number sense and lays the groundwork for future math learning. Here are three fun and effective ideas to help develop subitizing skills:

Use Number Flashcards:

Create flashcards with different numbers of dots (up to 5) printed on them. Show a flashcard to the children and ask them to identify the number of dots quickly.

Play Dice Games:

Provide each child with a dice. Ask them to roll the dice and instantly recognize the number showing on top. Encourage them to associate the number with the corresponding number of dots.

Use a ten sided dice or ten frame tiles in combination with the puzzle pieces to complete the fish in my printable math game.

Play Memory Games:

Incorporate memory games where you show students a small collection of dots then conceal them - encouraging them to recall the number. Here is math craft they can make to play a memory game too.

By incorporating these engaging activities into your kindergarten classroom, you can help your students develop strong subitizing skills, which will serve as a solid foundation for their future mathematical learning.