Play Ten

Here are 2 more game ideas that you can use with any of the play mats in my Play to Ten play mat pack!

The pack includes 16 ways to play in addition to those I share with you here on the blog!

Addition Story - Birds in the Tree

  • each student has a play mat and access to 'one' cubes
  • tell an addition story where the children listen and act out the steps with the blocks on their mat
  • e.g. there were 2 birds sitting in the tree (place 2 cubes on the mat) another bird flew into the tree
  • ask students how many - e.g. how many birds are now in the tree
  • remind them that this is addition - 2 birds and 1 bird makes 3 birds
  • you can challenge them by asking how many more would we need to make ten etc
  • repeat with other mats and stories for lots of addition pracrtice and interpreting addition in language
play with ten

play ten game mat

Find 15 - and extension activity for students working beyond 10

  • roll 3 dice and find the total using various strategies
  • each time a total of 15 is found, a spot gets covered on the mat
  • play until all 10 spots are covered
math games

kindergarten math

math addition in kindergarten

I hope your littles ones loves these new ways to play!