Counting by Tens with Turtle

Counting by tens is a foundational math skill that helps students develop number sense and place value understanding. It also provides a basis for multiplication and division. While counting by tens may seem straightforward, it can be challenging for some students. To make this concept more engaging and enjoyable, you can incorporate various activities and strategies into their lessons.

counting by tens

Daily Skip Counting:

  • use an engaging classroom wall poster to guide daily practice and for students to use fir reference
  • use hand motions or visual aids to reinforce the skip of ten places
  • encourage students to count along and participate actively
  • start from various positions (not always starting at 10)
counting by tens game cards

Number Grids:

  • use a 100 chart or grid with numbers from 1 to 100/120
  • ave students start at any number and count by tens, moving a counter across or down the grid - assigning a square on the grid to the number spoken
  • challenge them to find different paths and patterns while counting.
counting by 10s activity cards

Ten Frames:

  • use ten frames to represent numbers and count by tens
  • have students fill in ten frames with counters or objects
  • ask them to count the number of objects in each frame and add tens
counting. by tens

Play Hands-on Games and Activities

  • students are more likely to be engaged and motivated to learn when math is presented in a fun and playful way
  • playing games and using activity cards that incorporate numbers and visuals can help kindergarten students develop positive attitudes toward math and make learning more enjoyable
  • here is a set of activity cards for learning to write numbers and count by tens
  • simply print, laminate and use along with dry erase markers of number tiles
kindergarten math cards

By incorporating these engaging activities and strategies, teachers can make counting by tens a fun and meaningful learning experience for their students, helping them develop a strong foundation for future math concepts.