Sunday Arvo

I have that I-had-a-great-weekend-and-am-so-thankful-but-just-a-wee-little-bit-glum feeling that comes with Sunday afternoon. 

Feeling thankful for family, friends and the blessings of a lovely weekend but knowing how busy the week ahead will be. 


Here are a few fabulous things that got my attention this weekend:

I have put this on my Santa list. I have been reaalllllllllly good this year Santa. Please. 
Is it just me or do you drool over classroom organisation too?

I have a big teacher crush on Jennifer Gonzalez. Her blog is amazing and unlike my little pad here, completely devoid of fluff. 
It is the real deal. 
 I listened to this amazing podcast on Dialogue Journals recently and loved it so much.

As you know I am back in the classroom 5 days a week this year. Teaching is good for my health. I know that sounds crazy, but compared to my part-time-teaching-life health situation, I am very suited to the teaching day. I am however noticing a few aches and pains in certain areas. I am getting onto these ideas this week!

I have only 6 weeks left in the classroom for this school year. The last 3 are always mad crazy busy. With only 1 art lesson scheduled per week, believe it or not, but I have to start thinking seriously about how Christmas will be presented in the room and make preparations for it. I don't want to hang up commercially prepared decorations - I want the children to be the decorators! This post (found on Pinterest) has some beautiful ideas. The tissue paper trees and spiral hanging ones caught my eye the most. I might put out some tissue paper this week for the kids to help me chop up when they have a few minutes to fill and get them to bring in some heavy card for the base (from cereal boxes etc). 

This Milly & Molly episode is perfect for an introductory stimulus to discuss the importance of giving and caring in the community.

Please leave a comment to let me know if you have found something great for K-3 teachers recently. 
Thanks so much for stopping by - have a wonderful day!