Wonderful Wednesday

Happy Wednesday friends! You're almost there. I don't know about you, but I get to Wednesday and really start to wonder. Where has half the week gone? What have I accomplished. Ihavesomuchmoretodo! 

Here are 5 wonderful things I have found online recently. Because when I wonder too much. I procrastinate.

Thank you Deborah - as much as I am in denial about the end of my school year, at least I can look semi-organised for 2017!

2. 4 Step Apology
THIS is awesome. Even 3rd graders need it!

3. Christmas in the Classroom 
With only a few weeks left of my school year and so many planned events, I want to squeeze in a few Christmas arty activities in the next week or two or we just won't get to them. I am pinning my inspiration HERE

4. We just discovered Harriet Clare.
My daughter and I are a little obsessed. Lots of fun reading and sketching in these books!

5. Educational podcasts for kids?
Yes please!

Thanks so much for stopping by!