Fraction Review Pages

Your students can review their early understanding of fractions with these 5 review pages.

My '5 Page Review' series gives you no-prep pages to review key concepts with your students. 

The pages can be made into a work booklet with a decorative cover (see above) for students to work on as a pre-assessment, consolidation, homework, review or post-assessment. 

The pages have been designed to give lots of practice on each page.

The activities are presented clearly and are a good balance between being appealing to students and of a high enough quality to send home.

The pages in this fraction packet cover the following skills:

Page 1: recording fractions shown in a picture of a shape (fraction of 1) 

Page 2: creating a picture (color shape) to show the value of a given fraction (fraction of 1)

Page 3: identifying the fraction of a group

Page 4: equivalent fractions (fraction of 1)

Page 5: ordering fractions on a number line (fractions less than 1)   

You can staple the pages into a work booklet, or just use a single page as appropriate. 

Keep an eye out for more '5 Page Review' packets by following my store on TpT. 

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Thanks so much for stopping by today - have an awesome weekend! 

- Mel x