Hello Santa

We saw Santa at the shops on the weekend. And by 'see' I mean we peered at him through spaces between the fingers that covered our faces.

"We" being my two children. Santa was on his big old soft chair ready for annual 'Santa photos' to be taken.

As we sat and enjoyed our delicious morning tea we listened to the panicked cries of squirmy children being pried from the safety of their parents arms. 

I did not judge. There are plenty of things I "make" my children do simply because I think they need to do them. Eating vegetables and picking up their toys being two pull-my-hair-out daily struggles examples.

But I did think. 

I was thinking about how and why kids enjoy the things they do, and how happily and willingly they engage in what they do - especially in the classroom. What motivates our kiddos and how they learn more deeply when they are doing something they understand and want to do. 

I also thought about how much I have NOT thought about Christmas and how there are only 42 days till the big guy pays us a visit. Eek!

Guess there may be some panicked squeals from me soon too. 

Have a wonderful Monday, friends!

- Mel x