{ou words} Mouse House Craft

We saw a bunny rabbit at school today. In the yard. With the magpies. A cute little grey one. 

I love the crazy random stuff that happens at school. Would never trade this job. Ever. 

Nor would I ever protest when a child raises their hand and declares 'now this is not anything to do with what we are talking about, ......but ....' 

The gold that ensues is quite often priceless. 

Like when we were in the depths of rich discussion about the rotation of planet Earth today and adorable-sweetie raises her hand to tell me that she likes pink sticky-notes better than yellow. 

I could not make it up if I tried.  

Sweetie, if you like pink sticky-notes enough to interrupt my enthralling lesson on orbits and revolutions, then we are spirit animals. 

Hopefully your day in the classroom was filled with amazing little nuggets of gold too. Spectacular moments of spontaneous simplicity that were special and unique and belong to your little classroom community.

Treasure them. They are honest and real and will teach more about life than any youtube clip ever will. 

In other random news, a 'Mouse House' paper craft activity was just added to my Big Bundle!

If you have an existing license for the bundle, you can find this new addition by simply going to your 'My Purchases' tab within  your TpT dashboard. If you would like the craftivity as a single file, I have also made a separate listing for it

Your students will love a creative way to remember their 'ou' phoneme! 

Be sure to check out this blog post for another mouse themed phonemic awareness idea!

Have a lovely day and thank you so much for stopping by!