Spooky Story - Plan, Draft, Edit, Publish

The latest edition of my WRITE-A-STORY series has a spooky theme!

These handy little printable packets will give you all the pages you need for a week of writing!

It is imperative that you allow enough quality time to model each stage of this writing process with your students. 

Essentially 'modelling' is where you pretend you are the learner and show the students how to do something - in this case - write. You will verbalise each thought you have and demonstrate the strategies you use to work through a task. 

The packet has a 'word helper' page that you can use to springboard your planning-stage 'brainstorm'. I highly encourage you to immerse your students in loads of pictures, charts and story books on the topic you are trying to encourage and give your students oodles of ideas and vocabulary before you ask them to brainstorm and plan. 

Once you have discussed, drawn and talked about lots of 'spooky ideas' (encourage chat between your students and the pooling of ideas), show them how to complete the planning page. There are NO RULES! Let them draw, doodle, write words, scratch out, change, edit etc. Have plenty of copies on hand in case they want to 'start again'. Remember, no author gets it correct from the beginning, so encourage change and editing as they go. 

Model the drafting phase when most of your students have finished their plan. One of the lined options I have provided has well spaced out lines, to allow for changes in sentences and spelling. Encourage the draft to be edited and re-written. Again, provided additional pages for longer writing.

Once your students have edited, they can publish. Show them how to do a fancy-lettered heading and write in their best handwriting. 

It is a lengthy procedure to model, but I assure you that it will pay off - your students will internalise the process and quickly start to produce better quality writing!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, have a great week!

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