Bear and Mouse Count More!

Our 'Bear Count' printable got a freshen-up this week, and while I was in the polishing mood, I added 3 new game alternatives to the download on TpT! 

Combining and Separating Groups

These printable activities will help your students begin to understand combining and separating groups (early addition and subtraction) with concealed objects! This is an important step in moving them from a concrete to abstract understanding of numbers and quantities. 

Students will start with a numeral card, gather the required number of animals and then 'hide' some in their home (small upturned container). 

The remaining students in the group will look at the total, the number 'outside' the home, and determine how many animals are inside (hidden). 

I have updated "Bear's Lair" (previously title Bear Count) and "Mouse House" and created 2 new versions - Pig's Pen and Fox's Box to give you variety for student engagement. 

We love that games and activities I created a decade ago (and so very close to my heart) are continually being updated, refreshed and providing students with fabulous learning opportunities! 

Thank you for stopping by - I appreciate you so much!