Kookaburra Craft

By now you most probably know how I feel about feathered creatures. You will be relieved to know that I have been a dutiful mother and kept my private terrors feelings to myself. The result being,  I now have a daughter who adores feathered creatures. The irony. One who loves to share and chat and share and chat and share and chat about them. A lot.

Oh the joys. 

Like the Mother's Day I was presented with not one but two realistic looking owl ornaments. 

To put near my bed. 


Staring at me. 

Oh the joys. 

Anyhow. Today driving home a lovely kookaburra, (which to tell you the truth, I can somewhat appreciate, being an Australian native bird and all) flew into our car. 

At high speed.

Both the car and the kookaburra at high speed. 

The car is OK, the kookaburra,......notsomuch

There were a few tears, and my daughter being the gentle soul that she is raced inside upon getting home and made this paper cup kookaburra (and helped her brother make one) in memory of our dear friend who was flying in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Despite our differences in the admiration of birdlife, I am super proud of her creativity and sensitivity.

God bless his feathered little soul. 

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