Multiplication Cookie Trays {A Throwback Thursday Post}

I've decided to dedicate Thursday blog posts to somewhat of a 'throwback' thingymabob-type-situation. 

I started posting here in 2011. In 2011 I didn't have a camera in my phone.
In 2011 things were quite different.

I want to take a fresh new look at some of those old posts! THIS post was to share a resource I made for multiplication. I had recently taught myself the absolute basics in how to draw digitally and I was  pretty eager. 

The file has some printables included, to help introduce arrays to your students. I would love to remake the file eventually and add some more content and ideas that I had at the time (but lacked the design ability to include).

In the photo above, I simply cut off the number problem and would get my students to match the algorithm with the correct picture.

Use the blank pieces to help students make and label their own arrays. Sticky notes are perfect!

The pages could also be  printed '2 to a page' and laminated to use as dry-erase cards.

Now that I am teaching third grade and helping students memorise their times tables, I can see even more clearly just HOW much practice young learners need with the concepts of multiplication. They need to see it and understand it as 'fast addition' and the act of finding the total of a number that is repeatedly added. 

If you had not seen this old post of mine, I am glad I was able to bring something new to you today! 

Thanks so much for stopping by - I appreciate you so much!