Fun Christmas Math Games

This bundle of 4 fun math games will help your students remember the combinations that make 10"
10+0, 9+1, 8+2, 7+3, 6+4 and 5+5. 

And let me tell you, even by 3rd grade, they often require continued practice. Sigh

Santa Makes 10 will help your student naturally explore the process of making or building a collection of 10, and help them visualise how many more they need to add onto an existing count. 

In Make 10 Tree students will make a Christmas tree by finding 2 numbers that add to make 10. Choose between numerals of dots or use both!

Make 10 Sowman is always a favourite and your students will achieve fluency with this fast paced game of covering combinations.

Let it Snow will see students spin a number and cover the snowballs. Like the Santa game they will benefit from seeing the number visually with counters and the leftover quantity that remains. 

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Have a great day! 

- Mel x