Remembrance Day Banner

It was hot here today. 

Found myself reminding my class about 'my days'. Sweat dripped down from our brows and blotched the neatly printed work in our books. No whirl and drone of an air conditioner in the classroom back 'in the good old days'. 

Or were they?

How times change. How things change. 

Whether we believe we are currently enjoying life in a golden era 
whether we believe the world has gone mad,

one thing is for damn world, the life I take time to appreciate each and every day was fiercely fought for. I'm going to appreciate every tiny little piece. 

Many gave up their lives or spent the best years of their lives so we could be here - my grandfathers included.

On the 11th November at 11am I am going to think about those brave men and women, the families that bore the biggest burden and most importantly the life they wanted us to have.

If you are commemorating Remembrance Day on the 11/11 you may like to print this classroom banner for your students to put together. It is FREE in my TpT store! Find it by clicking on the thumbnail below:

Head over to my Pinterest 'Art Ideas for Kids' board to find some poppy-inspired artworks that your kids will love! Remind them as they create, as I did today, that by learning about Remembrance Day and creating an artwork, they are keeping the message alive. They are demonstrating, in a small but significant way, that we value what got us here. 

Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for stopping by!

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