Tactile Sight Word Learning!

This old book is a treasure. I learnt to read with books like this and I still have vivid memories of tracing the soft felt letters with my fingertip. 

Incorporating multiple senses (including touch) into letter and word learning can help deepen understanding and development and also create some very rich, engaging lessons! 

Sitting still and being told to listen and watch can be hard for our little learners - being given permission to explore with their hands can make a huge difference.

Just as I loved tracing the felt letters in these books, my little Mr 4 has been thrilled to explore these sight words with me recently.  

After printing the word cards we used a giant push pin to pierce a hole through each dot. You could also use toothpicks. I told Sam that these were funny letters that were back-to-front and we needed to help get them fixed!

If I was to make a set for my classroom, as a teacher I would perhaps laminate them for durability and multiple use and 'pin' them myself. 

We then 'flipped' the card - magic! We fixed the word.

The true magic however, is in the raised surface created by the pin pricks. 

I taught Sam how to run his finger over the letters and 'trace' each word. He LOVES it! We say each letter as we go. He is learning the letter names while feeling the shape with his finger. 

We then read the whole word!

I am currently making a single sound and cvc word set, but this Sight Word version fits nicely in with my 100 Sight Words program and bundle!

I've just added it to the bundle listing, so if you already have it, re-download for the new inclusion! This bundle is only at 150MB with 50MB of value still to be added in the future! 

I hope your students love these cards as much as Sam has enjoyed them.

Have a great Tuesday! And in case you have been hiding under a rock - remember the sale  is on for one more day!

- Mel x