Apple for the Teacher

Hi there friends,

To encourage me to stop thinking about chocolate and cake, I am doing a post today about apples. 

That, and the fact that I have 'back to school' on my mind. School is 'back in' here very soon, and our lovely little lazy vacation has come to an end.

{When I think of back-to-school, I think about apples}.

Not that I have been lazy. No, not me. What have I been doing? Putting stuff away, that is what I have been doing. Can I get a collective nod from all the mothers/fathers/carers/grandparents out there!?

I seem to spend a significant proportion of my day picking things up off the floor/bench/table/desk/chairs and putting them away. 

Oh dear, I think I just heard my mother's voice. From 25 years ago. 

As well as putting stuff away, I have also been making sure I am OUT of my PJs by at least 11am. Told you, NOT lazy.

After I finish this post, I think I might just have to head to Pinterest and find a solution for all the 'putting away'. Either that or find something delicious and chocolate-inspired.

I made these this week: 

A pack of activity cards to help with addition. Students will read the 'addition story', find two number cards to match and then solve the problem and locate the answer card. The file also includes a worksheet for follow up and a cover page. 

It is on sale for a few days. Find it by clicking below:

I made a scrappy apple colouring page today. Did I tell you that we are *almost* back-to-school. Hmmm, we have a few days left to fill, with exciting home-cause-its-too-cold-and-I-will-freeze-my-toes-off-outside activities. Drawing and colouring-in are favourites for my daughter, so this happened:

You can have one too! Just click on the image below and download from google drive! 

Some time, a while ago, I am not sure exactly when, I offered this apple paper for free. If you don't have it yet, click on the image and head over to TpT to grab it. 

I have a few other apple themed resources on TpT. A set of 5 number games to help with numbers to 20.

One of my very first From the Pond products ever - an apple themed decor pack. The first image I purchased from a graphic designer was an apple, so we has a LOT of apple things for a while! 

And if you are in the need of some apple graphics yourself, I have some  in my clipart store! Just click on this image below to find them!

Are you apple-d out yet? No way! I have some apple themed artworks to share with you tomorrow!

See you then!