Some Changes Around Here

This is going to be a deep and insightful post today, friends, so you may want to grab yourself a coffee, and find a moment of calm before we begin. 

It all started with these. Well, it ended with these to be 100% correct. But that is not what this blog is all about, is it? No, it's about the journey. 

So, let's start at the beginning. Snake Number Cards. I think you will agree that they needed some TLC. No bright colours. No pink rosy cheeks. No super cheeky smiles. A revamp was in order. 

Just as I was about to convert to pdf, it hit me. My NEW snakes looked more like worms. 

Oh the conundrum.

But then it hit me. I know.....twice in one night - I'm a lucky girl. 

Number Worm. Genius.

So, the moral to this insightful story, is - if you have purchased Snake Number Count Cards from me at TpT, you can now download Number Worm too!

Same numbers, same concept - different slimy creature. 

Thanks for stopping by!